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Re: RC: Truck mileage and misc.

Alison Dunn wrote:

> I'm settling down for some serious truck shopping

Have fun!  I loved "browsing" and taking them out for a test ride.

> Fellow ridecampers who have 3/4 ton trucks -

> what brand, do you have

1996 Dodge 2500 SLT 4X4 club cab, 8' bed, non-slip axel, 4:09
differential..  I'm not very good with a manual transmission, so we went
with an automatic.  One of my friends hauls with the same truck in a
manual.  Both are working well.  We splurged and got every option except
the gear for a snow plow.  Now that we moved to the mountains, I wish I
had gotten that too!  It has 67,000 trouble free miles so far!

> a gas engine (what size) or a diesel engine,

Cummins turbo diesel

> hauling mileage, around town mileage,

Just truck  Highway - 18-20 mpg    City - 15-18 mpg  (remember we have the
towing differential...historically lower mileage with these, but it will

Truck and 3 horse trailer, LOADED for a ride (including 60 gallons of
water)Highway - 15-16 mpg  City - I avoid them with a trailer   :-)

> which truck do you think has the best transmission (automatic) this
> year?

I can't speak to this year, but my heavy duty transmission in the '96
Dodge has had no troubles at all.  I heard of some transmission and brake
problems on some earlier versions of the Dodge (prior to 1995, I believe),
but no problems for us.

> what do you think about the latest 'innovation' of having aluminum
> cylinder heads with caste iron engine blocks on the gas engines?

First, I wouldn't have another gas engine after hauling with a diesel.
Aluminum is soft and easily warped with heat and pressure.  I'd be very
skeptical of this set up until it was in use for several years and had
proven itself.

Have fun truck shopping!  Definitely get a towing package, no matter which
truck you buy.  That way you can be certain that all the heavy duty
upgrades are there, and it is cheaper in the long run.  Our Dodge w/ the
towing package came w/ all upgraded HD stuff (extra coolers, suspension,
brakes, transmission) as well as prewired and with an excellent Reese
hitch.  The dealership even wired it to our trailer for us!

Linda Flemmer

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