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Re: RC: Fwd: RC: Body Clipping Question

In a message dated 4/6/99 8:08:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 

  Quick question here regarding body clipping. Any suggestions to help
  keep my horses coat from not getting so dry once clipped. I have done
  the hot oil massage, aloe vera massage ,wondering if anyone has any new
  suggestions for me, maybe something orally.
  Thanks in Advance >>

I have to ask this....did anybody else think that the flame-throwing, horse 
burning, version of body clipping was a TEENY BIT off center?  Seems just a 
tish dangerous to me (but maybe my horses are just toooooo high strung to 
allow a flame-thrower near them.  Also, I'm with Angie on this one, what 
about those reallllly fat horses who might do some kind of spontaneous 
combusion thing due to all their body fat?  Anybody else on Ridecamp ever 
tried "burning their horse's winter coats off"?


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