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Re: CTR: Sports Saddle Toklat Pad

At 07:23 PM 4/6/99 -0000, Dolores Arste wrote:
>OK, maybe I'm asking too much here. But, perhaps one of you hasa a solution
>to this question. I am a fanatic about clean pads. I often wash my pad
>everytime I ride in the summer. So now I have a sports saddle and its
>associated pad with the inserts (which I might add are a real pain to
>remove). Does anyone have or make a cover for the toklat so I could clean it
>instead of the Woolback? I'm down to buying another Woolback without an
>insert and using both so I can wash the under one.

I solved this problem by getting a spandex cover for the foam pieces and
then using that as an interpad between one of my Woolback pads and my
Sports Saddle.

Cindy Eyler

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