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Gambler's Special - 1999.

I thought our weather was bad, til I came home and read about the Derby Ditch 
Ride. It was very windy, cold, some rain and some hail, but thank goodness no 
We started 33 riders on Sat. for the 50 miles, 30 completed. BC - Rushcreek 
Dee, ridden by Patty Danley
We started 11 riders on Sat. for the 65 miles, 8  completed. BC - Belisimo 
Tradition, ridden by Dean Jackson
We started 15 riders on Sun. for the 50 miles, 13 completed. BC - Enden's Bay 
Rum, ridden by MJ Jackson
Thanks to all the riders that attended, and to our ride vet Barney Fleming 
and his fantastic wife, Linda. It was a fun, but chilly weekend.
Next ride, Mt. Charleston - May 22-23. See ya'll then.
LVDR Secretary,
Peggie Norton

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