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Re: RC: Leatherwood Challenge

In a message dated 4/5/99 7:08:54 PM EST, writes:

> As we came to the 1 mile mark Eva let out a holler and 
>  trotted over the finish line to such a cheering crowd that it
>  brought tears to grandma's eyes. I may be a little prejudice but 
>  this was a very well run friendly ride even though it was Abby 
>  Smith's first attempt at organizing a ride. We will certainly go 
>  back. It was a dream come true for Grandma. Oh by the way Eva is 
>  8years old.   Holly 
Eva was the hit of the party at this ride.  Everyone kept up with her 
progress.  I was one of the cheering section when she finished.  Please come 
back, I sure will, again as a volunteer!  Maybe I'll talk Karyn into riding 
the pony stallion again next year......hummmm
Leigh Preddy

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