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Re: Sliding side reins

Hi Alison and all,

I liked the sound of these reins, so I did a search on the web.  Dover does
have a site, though it's somewhat limited in what you can order on line.
You can order a catalog there though!
Susan Swope-Attardi
AERC Southeast Region
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From: Alison Farrin <>
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Date: Saturday, April 03, 1999 7:59 PM
Subject: RC: Sliding side reins

>Also known as Vienna side reins, they run from the girth, between the
>horses front legs, thru the bit rings and and back to the girth about
>halfway down the horse's side.  They won't hit the horse in the mouth and
>if he thows up his head to evade the side reins, they slide and then put
>pressure on the bit from the bottom, encouraging the horse to drop his head
>again and round.  You must be driving the horse forward on the lunge to
>encourage him to step under with the hind feet.  Then as he gets the idea
>that he can drop his head and round his back, he will eventually find that
>this is much more comfortable than going around with his head in the air.
> Dover Saddelry carries Vienna Lunge Reins at $32.60 a pair, very
>reasonable compared to some other catalogs.  800-989-1500
>Don't think they are on the Web yet.
>Alison Farrin
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