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bareback riding

I haven't done a lot of bareback riding, but it seems to me that that
would have a similar effect as riding in a sports saddle (only more so,
since the sports saddle does have some shock absorbsion especially w/
proper padding).  A number of my friends and I have sports saddles, and
love them -- I have yet to find any other saddle that fits my gelding
properly.  He's never been sore with any I've tried but I got white hair
where there were pressure spots.  Still get some w/ the sports saddle,
for that matter, but w/ creative padding it's better than anything else
I've tried.  If you've been riding for 6 months, and when Apache sheds
he doesn't have white hair (or could you tell, w/ him being an Appy?),
and if he doesn't get sore when you ride, I'd say it'd be worth trying
doing a ride that way.  Just bring the saddle along in case you change
your mind! 

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