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Re: RC: Derby Ditch Ride

Wow, I'm glad to hear that everyone seems to have made it in safely.  I
guess we all get a little complacent sometimes about trail safety when
it comes to sudden changing weather conditions.  It can be really
dangerous. It sounds like everyone was really lucky.

I put a "he, he" at the beginning of my post yesterday, but it's really
no laughing matter. I couldn't see my barn from the house (which is only
about 30 yards) and it took a while to find Fred out on the acre as he
was plastered with snow and we couldn't see him. When I was out there in
40 mph winds and blowing snow, I thought about the folks who must have
been about between Fernley and Hazen and was hoping that they'd gotten
everyone in safely.

Just to illustrate how serious it can be, a couple of cross country
skiers died about three years ago just off Geiger Grade (the road up to
Virginia City).  They were only a couple miles from a big housing
development, but they might as well have been 100 miles out as white out
conditions made it impossible for them to know where they were.  They
were not dressed warmly enough for the conditions and they both froze to
death.  Also, last winter a professor from UNR got caught on Peavine
Mountain (just north of Reno) in a blizzard.  To my knowledge, they have
never found his body.

It can really get bad here in Nevada and the Sierra just like it did
yesterday.  What a relief that everyone made it back safely.

Kirsten (Price) Foruria
Vermilion Desert Ranch
Reno, Nevada

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