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RC: hot mares

   I have been enjoying reading the posts about mares and their misbehaving.  
My  Morgan mare Moriah just turned 6 and is really maturing.  Her chesnut 
color is turning liver color, and she is broadening out all around.  My 
gelding has been the head honcho, she is now starting to challenge him.  The 
problem is that her hormones are surging so that the geldings we ride with 
are getting hot and bothered . So instead of doing training rides (which we 
have just re-started due to injuries), we have a little dance and prance 
party, unless I ride behind several horse lengths.  Of course when she balks 
at something now it is a REAL issue.  We see our holistic vet Peggy on Tues; 
I am hoping she will start her on some Don Quai to even her out.  Maybe she 
give me enough for both of isn't a pretty site around 
here.....Moriahs' hormones are surging, mine are dying.......and come the 
full moons' were both on a witch hunt!

Kathy and Moriah (why does she keep wishing "hot flashes on me?")

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