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Poor Dragon

It is time for Dragon to learn to be a real endurance horse.

Day 1: Pony Dragon behind big bold Drake down the trail we will
use for training. Dragon praces around and asks bold too.
(Note, 2 miles one way. Mostly down away from the barn. Mostly
up, 1500', on the way back.)

Day 2: Ride Dragon down the trail. We weave and bob, slow,
fast, nerves, bounce, look like a druken sailor. We see,
oh my god, a little cement colored rock. Spook a bit,
tip toe past it. Rush down the hill. Huff and puff up the

Day 3: Ride Dragon down the trail. He's not too sure he wants
this again. Come somewhat near (50 feet) the cement colored rock,
stop dead, shy, look like a cutting horse after a cow. I talk
softly, try to let him work it out. Eventually we get past it.
Still rushing down the hill. On a switch back, spins and tries
to go home. On next switch back, tries to spin and head home.
Get to the bottom. A buck and kick and then trot a short ways
up the hill. Huff and puff up the hill.

Day 4: Ride Dragon down the trail. Not really interested in
this again. Come even further from the cement colored rock.
Tries to spin. Ouch, where'd that whip come from? Still plays
the cutting horse trying to get back home. Didn't take as much
time to get past. Head on down the hill. Hmmm. No rushing this
time. He's got his feet under him! Come to switch back. His
shoulder dives out. Ouch, where'd that whip come from?
Come to next switch back. Ear twitches. He'll just walk on.
Get to bottom. No buck, no rush. He knows what's coming now.
Make him trot to the first tree. Hard work this. Huffing and
a puffing.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Dragon Crest Ranch
Some where near Masonville, Colorado

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