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Re: RC: building that basic first aid kit

In a message dated 3/18/99 5:26:42 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< However I'm finding the transition to keeping her a boarding facility
 where I feel people are a little too keen on spending a fortune, as the
 more the spend the better it must be, a little bit of a culture shock.
 Where do I start?  Thermometres?  heartbeats???  When do I call the vet?
 some good practical advice would be fantastic.

Having spent years at boarding facilities, (have my own place now :)), I can
tell you that if you try to keep up with the Jonses -- even on first aid kits,
you'll go broke!  I have a very basic one.  Here it is:  thermometer (use it
when your horse is feeling good and find out what his norm is), betadine
solution for cleaning wounds, peroxide, furazone (sp?), anti-bacterial
ointment, a little syringe squirty thingy that helps shoot peroxide into owies
on legs or puncture-type wounds, gauze pads, vet wrap, polo wraps - those
fleecy ones with velcro straps, cheapy stethoscope - good for listening for
gut sounds not to mention heart rate, again, listen when your horse is feeling
fine and find out what "normal" is. I do have bute on hand, but it's best not
to use it if you want your vet to be able to get a true picture of what is
going on with your horse.  I am really lucky to have a good relationship with
my vet, I feel comfortable calling and asking questions and when in doubt, I
do have her come take a look (probably why she doesn't mind my phone calls!).
The first-aid kit for the trailer is pretty similar.  I'm sure I've forgotten
to mention something, but you'll be getting lots of great advice from
Ridecamp, so you can fill in the blanks.  May you never have to use your first
aid kit!

P.S.  Hope your guy's cold gets better FAST

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