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Re: RC: Trails

In a message dated 3/17/99 8:14:48 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< But I'm not very educated about this issue, and I was wondering
 if anyone could tell me what the logic is behind banning horses? >>

The answer we hear the most in our "environmentally radical " area is that
horses leave piles on the trails and it is offensive to the hikers.  Goodness,
gracious, wouldn't these folks have had it tough in the pre-auto days when
horses in some way or other were our basic means of transport, and the unpaved
streets were awash with mud in the winter and dust in the summer, and flies
were a fact of life (adding considerably to the spread of disease)?
Since life is pretty easy nowadays, the biggest complaint they can find is
that a few piles of horse turds on the trails are offensive. 
As for horses damaging trails, a bit of regular trail maintenance, such as
building water bars, would relieve that threat. 

Barbara McCrary
(Married to one of the best trail builders in the country, and one who
maintains what he builds)

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