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Solitude / Frontline

Sorry, haven't heard of Solitude insect repellent, but that post brought to
mind a question of my own.... anybody out there tried Frontline spray on
their horses?  It's a flea & tick killer/repellent that is labeled for use
in dogs & cats & is supposed to last for at least a month even with
bathing/swimming.  I can't remember the active ingredient (fipronil,
maybe?)  but it affects the insect nervous system and is supposed to have
no affect on mammals, so I assume that means it would be safe for horses
too.....?  I am curious about its effectiveness for mosquitos .... in a
month or so our Michigan state bird will be back in force (and it ain't the
Robin!) and I'm looking for something to protect my horses who live in the
lowlands between two rivers.  Other suggestions appreciated! :-)


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