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Re: RC: My first Ayrab.... maybe

Sounds like a typical arabian.  Miles will make the difference, and LOTS
of wet saddle pads...great attitude adjusters.


Sarah McIntosh wrote:

> Hiya campers:
> I am a beginner to endurance, did 3 24 mile
> LD's successfully last year, with my old Appy
> Tiki.  Tiki has a cataract and is getting
> more blind as time goes on, so I must find a
> replacement.  I put the word out with my
> friends that I was looking for and Arab or
> Arab cross, as I would like to move up to
> 50's.
> I have looked at a few horses, but nothing
> was clicking.  I got a call from a friend
> yesterday, a friend of hers has a purebred
> Arab 9 yr old mare (Polish breeding) and they
> are looking to give her to a good home where
> she will be used.  I looked at her last
> night, but am looking for some input from
> people who know about Arabs, as I haven't
> worked with one before.
> Story goes like this:  they bought her when
> she was 3 1/2, had her broke to ride, paid
> for lessons and whatnot so the 13 year old
> daughter could ride her.  Said daughter rode
> her one season, english in local shows, did
> quite well and then lost interest.    Nothing
> much has been done with the mare since then,
> a little bit of road hacking.  Right now, she
> hasn't had a saddle on her since last
> September.  Her ground manners need a lot of
> work.  I am willing to put in the time, but I
> am concerned about her ATTITUDE!  She seems
> very eager, comes galloping up the the fence
> when she is called, easy to catch and handle
> while standing.  I tried leading her to see
> how she would react and she was VERY strong.
> She wanted to take off and because i was
> holding on to her, she kept spinning across
> the front  of me.  Do you guys think that
> this kind of strong willed, bad ground
> manners behaviour is something that can be
> overcome with retraining?  The mare bosses
> the kids around, but the mother said she
> behaves for the mother as she knows she won't
> get away with it.
> I can't remember, but weren't you all talking
> one time about a certain amount of attitude
> being a good thing for an endurance horse?
> Physically, mare is about 15 hands, decent
> conformation, good weight, legs seemed nice
> and firm.  Only found one soft spot on back
> of one rear pastern.  Could be due to deep
> mud conditions.  Her feet looked in good
> shape for living in a mud hole, not soft,
> just needed a trim.
> I know it's hard to say, just reading my
> description, but does anybody have any ideas
> for me?  Pros , cons of a pasture potato
> horse?  I'm going on the weekend to ride her.
> Supposedly she is much better behaved under
> saddle.  We'll see... I'll be wearing my
> helmut just like always.
> Thanks for listening.
> Happy trails,
> Sarah McIntosh
> Abbotsford, BC
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