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Re: beet pulp

Just went through the posts of the last couple of days and since I'm a true
beet pulp-fan, I thought I'd better add my 2 cents:
I started feeding beet pulp to my horses about 2 years ago. I used to have a
terrible time putting weight on Scatris, alias Slim (who has his nick-name for
a reason!). A fellow endurance rider recommended the funny looking mash and I
gave it a try. Not only did my picky eater love it, we also havn't had anymore
weight problems since. He's still not a "big" guy but his weight has remained
at exactly 770lb for the last year (just put him on my vets scale again a few
weeks ago). 
My 2 Arabians get apprx. 5 lb. of the pellets once a day, mixed with some
Excel F and rolled corn (a couple hand full) plus supplements. During idle
times I feed about half. The rest of the pack (3 easy keepers) get a few
handful of beet pulp each. Never had any diarrhea problems, even when feeding
more than 5lbs.

<< How long can we safely leave it sit (covered or uncovered?) and still have
a palatable product? >>
I usually soak it for a day in a covered bucket. In the summer I make sure
it's not sitting in the sun and when it get's hot (Southern California) I soak
it overnight. If you only have a couple or few hours you can test it with your
fingers: if there's still some hard stuff left, I'd let it sit longer. 
I noticed that my horses will not eat the stuff if it's been sitting around
for too long, so I'm usually not worried about it. For example at a 50mile
ride I will offer some the morning of the ride and most of the time my horse
won't finish it (too excited and too little time). By the time we're back and
done he doesn't like it anymore but looks at me like "Hey, don't you have some
fresh stuff?" Guess it developes a funny taste after a while.
<<So, to enhance the taste of the water, I poured about 5 pounds of Excel F
grain mix in (has corn, oats, beet pulp etc).  I then stirred for several
minutes and it started looking kinda foamy, like a home-brewed version of
my own welcome-to-camp-beer. >>
Slim loves his beet pulp really wet and in the summer I add extra water for
him and he will drink it down to the soaked stuff. Very helpful at a ride!
Zuma, my other Arab, is the total opposite: he doesn't like the watery part at
all and will tip the bucket over if it's too wet. Guess horses are true
individuals, just as we are.

Some people have told me they feel it's too much work. I think it's just as
easy as feeding anything else, all you have to do is drop some of it in a
bucket of water and let it sit.


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