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    I've been reading the posts about reasons horses should be allowed
on trails.  I agree with whomever posted that riding ought to stand alone
as a reason we should be allowed on trails--that it has enough merit on
its own.  But I'm not very educated about this issue, and I was wondering
if anyone could tell me what the logic is behind banning horses?  I can
understand banning ATVs, because they can go flying about, tearing up trails
and being potentially dangerous to pedestrians, but horses don't tear up
trails a whole lot, and while they can go flying around, a horse will often
miss a pedestrian, even if the rider is going too fast.  I don't
seems to me that horses are pretty trail friendly.  They even fertilize the
ground, rather than giving off exhaust (well, you can *call* it exhaust if
you want to. :)

                        Sarah (& Elliot, but I'm at school,
                               so my mountain bike is my
                               "trusty steed" for now.)

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