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Re: RC: Disabled riders & trails

Hi Charlene,
Yes, that's something that needs a closer look.  Someone else e-mailed me
with a concern about the disabled displacing non-disabled access.
Karen Schwartz
Livermore, CA
-----Original Message-----
From: Charlene Bartholomae <>
To: Karen Schwartz <>
Date: Tuesday, March 16, 1999 6:26 PM
Subject: Re: RC: Disabled riders & trails

>Hi Karen,
> I agree with you regarding this post, but I am also concerned that
>research should be done before pushing this "officially" with regard to any
>trails.  Reason is what if there is something connected to this train that
>will come back to bite us on the butts???
> One thing that comes to mind is someone suggesting something like ---How
>much trail can a handicapped person need?  Are they really going to need
>any more than a few miles?  On the other hand, I consider myself somewhat
>handicapped due to arthritis, but feel sure I could do a 50 miler even as
>out of shape as I currently am......
> Just a worry wart thought line.......
> Charlene Bartholomae
> AERC # 11292/Central Region
> Kentwood, Louisiana

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