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Selling at rides

FYI, many state and national forests out here in the east are institutuing
policies whish are very unfriendly to us riders such as not allowing the sales
of ANYTHING (food, tack) and some even will not allow ride managers to collect
ride enty fees on the grounds.

As a vendor, I am often asked to come to rides, both by riders and management.
Only to find out the state or feds will either not allow me to sell or want a
cut of the $$ received.

Nat'l forests want 3-10% of the gross...does not sound like much, but if I take
in $1000, my profit is maybe $500 and my travel expense $200 plus.  This is on
TOP of the fee the forest charges the ride manager for the use of trails ($100
plus) and use of camping grounds ($300 plus).

I don't know how much a food vendor would make, but I guarantee NOBODY gets
rich off of any of this. AND, they don't even consider farriers and vets who
charge for their servcies as well.

Smarter states (such as Indiana) charge a simple $10.00 vendor fee, plus proof
of liability insurance.

I am more than happy to pay a small fee, but to ask for a percentage of gross
is simple-minded.  All of the above people, afterall, are providing a service
to riders and managment both.


Jan Stevens wrote:

> The first year we put on our ride we had a woman with a catering trailer
> set up, she handled serving people food Friday afternoon and Saturday.  It
> was wonderful!  Then she served our awards dinner Saturday night-steak,
> potato, rolls, and desert...Sinful!  Last year, we contacted our First
> Responders, local EMT group, and they helped to serve our Rancher's Dinner
> on Friday night before the ride, again, steaks, potato, salad, rolls and
> desert...we saved quite a bit of money last year since we did all the
> cooking ourselves-had pently of volunteers though.  The First Responders
> then cooked hamburgers, hotdogs, and cold sandwiches on Saturday of the
> ride-we provided the food.  Very handy for all-since the closest food is 25
> miles away....Also very handy since we had a rider fall and break-up her
> shoulder quite badly....had 6 or so First Responders there-two went out on
> the call, while the rest stayed in camp to cook, do P&R's and make sure
> that nothing else happened.....They are even going to be back this year to
> help out!  We did make a sizable donation to the group for their help.
> Another suggestion besides the EMT's would be the PTA of the local school,
> local 4-H groups, or FFA groups....they are always looking for extra
> funding.
> Jan and Bill Stevens
> Fort Howes Endurance Rides
> June 12, 1999 25/50/100
> Southeastern Montana
> IAHA Region 6 Championship
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