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Re: Strained ligament

>Yeah, they'll raise hell if they're fit. Still, the main thing you want to
>is avoid adhesions or this thing will keep looking at you for a couple
>years--every time you do somethng strenuous. Controlled exercise is the key
>avoiding that situaiton.
 I've been going on with this sort of thing for the last 4 months with my
mare.  The only solution we've been able to find is daily work at walk and
trot with turnout AFTER the work and wearing SMB for support.  Her daily
work is now up to 1 1/2 hours of fairly flat country (hey, the Sahara isn't
that hilly!) and she's still coming back fresh as a daisy, but at least this
way she's not quite as silly at turnout...we can keep it to a couple of
bucks.  She also gets turned out with boring, calm folk who don't incite to
riot.  :<)

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