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Dinner w/ a smile!

I think Bobbi Lieberman was on a good track with a "no frills"
approach.  Our distance riding club used to put on a ride in early Nov
in VA - it tended to be rainy and cold that time of year.  We'd erect a
tent with sides (get out of the weather as a <group>) and socialize. 
The club would make dump chili (every club member brought their own
chili & it was all mixed together) or we'd make a piping hot chicken
stew.  A large part of the fun at that ride was meeting folks from all
over afterwards in that steamy, warm tent while rain came down at 33*F.

Some of the best meals I ever had were tailgaiting at fox hunts.  (Think
pot luck on the back of a circle of trucks with VERY fancy linen &
utensils.)  You never worried about enough - we usually had enough left
to feed an army.

The problem that we had with 4H, scouts, etc. providing vending is that
they couldn't stay for the entire event, esp. if it was a longer ride.

If you REALLY want to see how to serve a feast to your riders 24
hrs/day, go study JD Fountain's ride in SC over Thanksgiving.  There is
a 24 hr Thanksgiving dinner during the ride hours - talk about
hospitality!  Our friend came in late on the 100, and JD's wife just
popped another turkey into the fryer for him (and a few other
stragglers).  Now if I could just get my husband to compete there every
Thanksgiving, I wouldn't have to cook & do dishes on that weekend!

Linda Flemmer

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