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saddle question

Hi I am stuck once again with a saddle dilemma.  I am selling my sport saddle,
one I think It is too big for me and my horse.  And it does not fit my horse.
This saddle rides forward on him.  Lands on his shoulders which makes it very
uncomfortable for me and him.  I tried another friends sport saddle and it fit
me and him better but I noticed a circle that was 2 in. in diameter behind his
left shoulder.  It had a swirling motion to it.  Can someone please tell me
what they think is going on.  Then I tried a friends stone-wall.  This saddle
seemed to fit him best of all.  I did a 25 in it with no problem.  After the
25 I continued to train him and noticed the saddle started slipping forward.
I just finished a 50 and had to get off and adjust the saddle 2 times in-
between vet stops.  This saddle also had the circle behind his left shoulder.
I am going crazy here trying to find out what is wrong.  I am beginning to
think no matter what saddle I get I will still have problems.  I have used a
crupper but it does seem to get very very tight as I ride.  I do not start out
with it so tight but it ends up really tight.  Any suggestion would be
appreciated.  Thanks.
Kelly in ormond beach

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