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Re: improving the drinking experience

Last ride I discovered a new *trick* in getting my geldings to drink.
After arriving in camp following a 2 hour drive, I filled the water barrel
with camp water and could see that, once again, neither of my two geldings
appeared overly interested in this foreign water, and  once again I was
worried that they would not drink enough while in camp.  As I popped a beer
and sat down to contemplate this FAQ, an idea struck me... Hey, why not?

So, to enhance the taste of the water, I poured about 5 pounds of Excel F
grain mix in (has corn, oats, beet pulp etc).  I then stirred for several
minutes and it started looking kinda foamy, like a home-brewed version of
my own welcome-to-camp-beer.

I then wandered off to sign in and shop a little. When I returned to check
on my boys 45 minutes later, I was amazed to see that both geldings had
*beer* mustaches almost up to their eyes, and had slurped down every last
drop from the water barrel.  Since I have never seen an already hydrated
horse drink so much so fast, I kept a wary eye on them all night.  They
both peed alot, and the pee was almost clear for awhile, but otherwise no
problem was observed.  Even the stool was pretty firm.  

I wonder, is this a safe method? They sure seemed to like it alot.  

Pat Peters
...and Gin, Vegas, Dooley, Sport, Major, Gypsy and Blondie. 
Norco, California

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