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Angela C. McGhee wrote:
> I would love to give an appreciation award to the vets who give up the
> most weekends to support the sport...several who have to give up riding
> at the ride just to vet it...maybe this would soften the blow.
> What do you think?
> Angie

Central Region has been holding an annual convention since at least
1991. TERA (TX Endurance Riders Assoc.) now hands out our year-end
awards at this convention - can't remember how long we've been doing the
year-end awards. We include Vet(s) of the Year; Volunteer(s) of the
Year; Ride Manager(s) of the Year. The Vets and volunteers really seem
to appreciate the thought and we REALLY appreciate their work. The
awards have ranged from plaques to blankets. 

Have to brag on the following:
Our constant Vet at TERA rides over the past few years has been Dr. Gail
Conway. He and his family raise paints. They started by coming to the
rides to pleasure ride the trail the day before the ride. Now, their
daughter is riding (an Arab!) and doing really well on the Limited
Distance rides. Kay, Dr. Conway's wife, is now starting to get involved
in the riding/competing aspect. Gail got to ride a ride last year. This
is the type of Vet that endurance needs, but we have to be careful not
to overwork them.
Don't know about the rest of the regions, but Texas has a shortage of
Vets that are willing to work an endurance ride.

TERA is always looking for new ways of supporting the supporters - be it
riders or workers. We are open to any suggestions.

Linda Parrish
Kennard, TX

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