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Re: RC: Fw: Limited Distance Progam suggestion

Linda Fisher wrote:
> Please respond to ride camp.
> > Why should you carefully consider this proposal?  Because in the big
> scheme
> > of things...the larger picture...we will be united, and that's where our
> > power lies.  Our strength will be essential over the next 10 years. <snip>

> > Quit whining and make constructive suggestions.

So here's my suggestion:

I agree that short rides should not be recognized as endurance rides,
and also that placings should be given based on something, or they're
only long "pleasure" rides, which often degenerate into worse things
than 25-mile races!

ECTRA - a competitive trail riding organization - sanctions endurance
rides, but ONLY those endurance rides also sanctioned by AERC.  We are
happy to recognize mileage and give y/e awards based on miles accrued on
endurance rides, but only if an Endurance Riding Organization is
overseeing the competition.

Likewise, if AERC wants to recognize short-distance mileage and reward
condition but not speed, perhaps it would be reasonable to "co-sanction"
(for want of a better term) any short-distance rides that it does not
want to recognize as endurance.  AERC could approve certain CTR
organizations as authorized co-sanctioning bodies.  The onus of doing BC
judging on 25-mile horses would be relieved, and lay judges could be
employed. AERC would not need to rewrite or restructure its rules, and
yet neither would the shorter rides be unregulated.  Those who wish to
"move up" to endurance would not lose all their CTR mileage.

In addition, ECTRA recognizes mileage accrued under other sanctioning
bodies' rules.  Applications must be filed with the office to accrue
these miles in ECTRA's program, but basically the idea is that there's
no reason to be divisive in the distance riding community . . . we hang
together, or we hang separately . . . .

-Abby B

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