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Shoeing vs EZ-boots

 As I rush out the door for work, I'm trying to think of what I want the farrier to do tomorrow morning. I have an Arab that I'm bringing along to do endurance. He has good feet, but they grow extremely slow! I keep him barefoot now, but I don't put that much mileage on him, and his feet are wearing down slightly.
Should I put shoes all around on him, or could I use Easy-boots on training rides? He has real low heels, and lives in a slightly swampy area, so his feet get soft sometimes. I know I should just be able to ask my farrier, but he's not endurance knowledgable, more of a show horse farrier. If I have to, I could Vet-wrap his feet every time I use the EZ-boots, but don't know if I should just break down and shoe him. What do y'all think? 
This guy has never had shoes before and he's 9 yrs old now. If I have to, I'll shoe him, but I'd rather use EZ-boots. But then again, he has low heels and the heel strap might rub. Help!

Marlana Pitas and LL Rheebok (mom, why don't you just make me a pasture ornament? Wouldn't that be nice and simple?)

South Attleboro, MA

P.S.  I'm on digest, so any replies can get sent directly to me... please?

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