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Re: RC: Feeding the Endurance Horse

Angie writes:

 I've read the advise about the electrolytes with interest.  I've been
 pretty conservative with electrolytes but lately have come to the
 conclusion that for me more is better.  I give them before the ride, then
 1 or 2 film cannisters at practically every vet check.  It's humid here
 in the Southeast.  I don't know about triggering thirst etc.  Kaboot >>

Altho the recent ridecamp discussions advised that too much electrolyting
before a ride ends up on the stall floor, I followed my vet's advise from yrs
ago, & give a scoop of electrolytes everyday when my horses are in training
(which often means they are on electrolytes almost 12 months a yr).  I guess
I'd rather waste some electrolytes than the horse not having enough in it's
It can get quite humid here in eastern Md & hot.  I usually try to ride in the
hottest part of the day in the summer (I don't have much in the way of hills),
so I think that has helped to acclimate my horses to the heat & humidity.  If
I go
 to a hot, humid ride, I will give an extra 2 -3 small grain feedings with a
scoop of electrolytes in each during the 24 hrs before the start of the ride.
(This sounds like it is too much from the ridecamp discussions, but if it
ain't broke, I'm not fixing it!). I carry some syringes of electrolytes during
the ride, & if the horse has been drinking, I'll give 1/2 syringe (1 canister
of electrolytes per syringe) just as we get to a watering spot (before the
horse drinks so they can wash that yuckky taste out).  When we get to the pit
stop they drink well.  I've noticed that it seems to take about 20-30 minutes
for the electrolytes to make the horse thirsty, so by giving them out on the
trail, they are ready to drink at the holds when they have more time to tank
up.  I also give a syringe of electrolytes at the pit stop.  I have been very
lucky that my horses are good drinkers.
And I sponge like crazy, from the 1st bit of water early in the day, at every
little puddle & creek; I'm Annie Oakley with a sponge.

In Md, where it soon will be sponging season again

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