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Re: RC: LD's

In a message dated 3/9/99 11:49:05 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< (I am a newbie, being in
 this sport for only 2+ years, having completed only one 50.) I want to
 be considered an endurance rider and the thought of not being included
 in the awards/BC event takes some of the fun and feeling of
 accomplishment away.  It's like watching members of a club and not
 being able to join yet.  It's probably pretty fair to say most riders
 started with LD and probably all remember their accomplishments. Its
 what keeps everyone involved and motivated to go farther and do
 better. I  >>

To me the motivation would be to go farther with a fit horse.  Until you can
do that, NO you can't join the club, that is what endurance is about.    THAT
is the challenge.  THAT is endurance.  25 miles is not endurance.  Sorry if
that seems harsh.  But I believe that most 'endurance' riders would agree.
I'm not so sure that most riders start with LD, I didn't.  Maybe I'm wrong.  I
did start with CTR (NATRC) and learned there how to take care of my horse.
Certainly I am no top-tenner and have no intention of ever being one.  But I
do enjoy endurance.  I have seen the LD 25 milers go blasting by me at a 50
miler, sorry, but most of them don't look like they're doing the best thing
for their horse.  In my opinion, to finish with a horse who is happy and eager
to continue is to win -- and win big time!  That is MY goal every time.

Once again , just my opinion (of course not always so humble)


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