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Re: AERC Trails Fund

Connie, Its going to take a little more than passing the hat to deal with
the federal and state bureaucracies.  Today we have decisions being made
regarding our trails by bureaucrats that have no idea what trails mean to
us.  Its going to take a lot of money and a lot of education to overcome
some of the current mind set.  At the convenbtion this year I suggested we
establish a "Trust" whereby some of us that have a deep interest in trails
and have the ability to leave portions or all of our estates to the "Trails
Trust".  The concept is valid, and should over the years generate thousands
and thousands of dollars to be used in our war of trail preservation.  The
new AERC board seems to be taking issues in hand.  Lets hope this one can
be put on the front burner.  Without our trails, we lose our sport.
Backpackers and hikers in this country are eons ahead of us in trail
preservation.  Its time we get with the program, fund our efforts and let
our voice be heard.  Jerry Fruth... Hickory Ridge 

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Connie B Berto wrote...
>I have a call in to Doyle Patrick at AERC office...I want to make sure we
>are on the same page about procedures for disbursing from the Trails
>Fund.   I'll post to Ridecamp again when I get  the official word.  
>Meanwhile, thanks and a cyberspace HUG to * everyone* for the terrific
>responses and interest in attending the convention!
>    Item for thought:  how do we keep replenishing the AERC Trails Fund? 
>  Can we put our thinking caps on (as my mother used to say) and devise
>some way(s) that will keep the $$$ coming in, so that we can help people
>attend these conferences in the future?   An optional donation on ride
>entries (just what ride managers need, more paperwork (:-(   --) or a
>check-the-box on our annual AERC dues notices?   I'll never forget the
>1997 Reno convention, someone passed a hat around the room and it  soon
>overflowed with several hundred dollars right then and there...and then
>Bob and Julie Suhr quietly added a big cheque... but  in lieu of
>hat-passing, What?   Connie B, AERC Trails Committee Chair
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