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AERC Trails Fund

I have a call in to Doyle Patrick at AERC office...I want to make sure we
are on the same page about procedures for disbursing from the Trails
Fund.   I'll post to Ridecamp again when I get  the official word.  
Meanwhile, thanks and a cyberspace HUG to * everyone* for the terrific
responses and interest in attending the convention!
    Item for thought:  how do we keep replenishing the AERC Trails Fund? 
  Can we put our thinking caps on (as my mother used to say) and devise
some way(s) that will keep the $$$ coming in, so that we can help people
attend these conferences in the future?   An optional donation on ride
entries (just what ride managers need, more paperwork (:-(   --) or a
check-the-box on our annual AERC dues notices?   I'll never forget the
1997 Reno convention, someone passed a hat around the room and it  soon
overflowed with several hundred dollars right then and there...and then
Bob and Julie Suhr quietly added a big cheque... but  in lieu of
hat-passing, What?   Connie B, AERC Trails Committee Chair

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