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Question about vitamin supplements

Hello Everyone:

There is such great information shared on this list.  It seems we are
always learning about the newest, best products.  I wanted to throw
out a question concerning a brand of vitamin supplement that my
friend (who shows Appaloosa halter horses) told me about.  The
product is called Mega-Mag, it is made by Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals and
is distributed by United Vet Equine through their catalog.  United
Vet Equine sells many products made by Med-Vet like oral larvacides,
probiotics, biotin, MSM, glucosamine, gamma oryzanol, etc...   My
friend has been using their Mega-Mag supplement for quite a while and
loves the results she is getting.  She says the mane, tail, and coat
quality is the best she has ever seen.  She had the product tested by
the vet. depts. at Mich. and Ohio state univ. and they said it was
one of the most complete supplements they had ever seen.

Are any of you familiar with this product and what do you think of
it?  Both she and I would be interested in any opinions out there
about Mega-Mag.  There are **so many** brands of supplements being
sold that I remain totally confused in terms of the best quality for
my money.  You guys seem so knowledgeable about the latest and best
stuff out there.  We would love to hear some feedback on Mega-Mag. 
Also, if you don't feel it's *that* good, what *do* you consider the
best?  I don't mind spending more money for a truly quality product,
but it's so hard for a layman like myself to decide when every
company claims it sells the *best*.

Linda Hedgpeth
Greenfield, CA

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