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Holistic Med

Carla-- asked--- How do I find out about the Holistic support for my
READ alot
I get The HORSE Mag

and a few holistic papers from vets etc  Dr Harman
Holistic Horse  914 693 2553

i was pre-educated by Dr Joyce Harman.. now I just do it myself..
Read books on herbs and homeopathic  people horses it does not matter..

I talk with Jim Helfter from ABC alot..
Read all the papers written by noted altenative health care vets..

I checkout all the new stuff at the trade shows..
I am a member of AESM  Assoc Equine Sports Med  mostly vets and the
I attend vet conferecence when I can..most are open to the public.. if
not I try to crash the trade show..hehe  i can get in to any vet trade
show with my V-MAX.. then I just float and learn

I save articles on these subjects.. its a mess to find something..but I
know its in this box..

I try things on me and my horses.. sometimes with caution sometime just
go for it.

I took a dose of Belladonna one time when I was down with the flu and a
fever..Belladonna causes fever and in the natural form it will kill you.
I took a 30C dose waited  nothing-- then about 1/2 took another .. a
dose is just a few pills.. its not how MANY pills but how OFTEN.. WELL--
the book said every hour...within 10 minutes after the second dose I
really heated up -heart racing .. scared the crap out of me.. I turned
red  and hotter then.... boy was i cooking.. then in about 15 mniutes it
all stopped .. and fever was gone..not to return.. and the flu was
knocked down buy the next day..
I would have been a bit better off  If i waited the full hr to take the
second dose which I most likely did not need.

anyway MOST of the time you are not going to get in trouble.. Just
study  the subject and try the safer remedies..

Ok no lectures on layman should NOT dabble in this .. hey it was a
layman that figured it out..
Anyway its is a great subject and a knowledge of these alternative
methods can help with total horse care.
Roger R

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