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update on pledges for symposium

Hi Gang,

I have $135 pledged so far to send Vickie Smith to the SC trails 
symposium.  Vickie is working with Connie Berto to see if the AERC
trails committe fund will pick up the $245 registration fee. Vickie
fits all the qualifications so unless some else has requested that the
trails committee pay for this conference she will likely get that money.
Vickie has contacted Betsy Gilman and they will be sharing a room 
(possibly with someone from a trail riding group in Betsys area.)  
I think that $135 would be reasonable to cover lodging and misc expenses 
for Vickie and Betsy even if Vickie gets the AERC money so I hope that all 
who have pledged will go ahead and send the money.  (If the AERC trails
fund does not work out I'll be back)

Also for people in the Southwest keep the Arizona trails symposium in
November in mind.  I called and requested a brochure and I'll post
a little about it when I get the brochure,  found a web site of the
sponsor for that one (American Trails - URL (click on
advocacy then on Partners and Cooperation to read the keynote speech
that will be given at the Arizona Symposium.) From reading this web site
I think the Arizona symposium will be geared towards how to get funding 
and support for building and maintaining trails.     

BIG THANK YOU's to Betsy Gilman, Vickie Smith, and Roger Rittenhouse
for making the committent to attend this SC symposium.!!

Also big Thank You's to the following people for pledging money to
send Vickie Smith to the symposium.  

Carol Bushway-Boardman $15
Suzanne Solis          $10
Kitty Longino          $10
Sheila Noel            $10
Jackie Baker           $15
Susan Garlinghouse     $20
Louise Bower           $10
Cindy Bell             $10
Sally Aungier          $10
Carol Patterson        $25

Anyone who does not have my address yet:

It is Teresa Van Hove
      13420 Gun Club Rd
      Commerce City CO  80022

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