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It's a Stone Bruise!!

At our last ride, my 12 year old gelding was pulled at the 25 mile mark
for a grade 2 lameness in his R front foot.  This foot is clubbed (no
rotation of P3 per recent radiographs), so I was praying that it wasn't
developing arthritis, ringbone, a tendon injury etc. that would end his

Our ride vet said no evidence of tendon injury, but didn't have time to
test his hoof as more riders poured into the check.

My farrier was just out and found a huge bruise in that foot.  He says
he's NEVER seen anyone so happy to have a stone bruised horse :-))  I
guess you don't sweat the little stuff - It could be so much worse!

Linda Flemmer
and Rocket the Arab (aka ABF Challenger) - living off the fat of the
land for a few more weeks    "Aw, mom - do I have to work again?"

    Check it Out!    

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