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Circle Y SportSaddle

one of my teammates and i went into on of the largest tack stores in western
washington and found probably 4 or 5 Circle Y versions of the endurance
models. these were marked at $999 on sale down from $1450. i must say, i would
NOT buy one of these saddles. the workmanship looked hideous and there were
many seams that just plain would rub a person raw, unless they were using
fleece covers. also, the underside is finished with cheap fleece and these
look to be made with vinyl or not very good quality leather.

my opinion: order from a SportSaddle distributor directly and pay the shop's
"sale" price and get a custom saddle that's the real deal.

one last thing, if you are looking to TRY a sportsaddle, this may be a way to
try one out to get a feel without ordering one or trying to track one down. i
dunno, thought it might be an option.

liz johanson & ariel (ca royalty)
cascade ridge runners
maple valley, wa

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