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Glow sticks

Hi Folks-
Glad to report that I completed the Bandit Springs 100 this weekend.  It was
my horse's first 1-day 100 and my first 1-day 100 in many years.  I was
surprised to learn (after I was already committed) that there would be no
glow sticks on the trail.  It was a moonless night and a narrow, winding
forest trail.  We ended up riding the last 10 miles in the dark.  My riding
partner and I were able to follow the trail in the dark safely, thanks the
fact that 1 of our 2 flashlights had good batteries and 1 of our 2 horses
had a good memory of the trail.  But it sure slowed us down!  Especially
when we encountered a newly fallen tree that blocked the trail.  It took us
an hour to find the trail and a way around the log in the complete darkness.
But that is another story.

Back in my younger years (when I had a faster horse),  I usually finished
100s before dark.  When I didn't, the ride manager usually had posted glow
sticks on the last several miles of trail.  Now I'm curious.  How many 100s
are and are not marked with glow sticks.  Of those that are, roughly how
many of the last miles do they mark??

Karen Steenhof
Boise, Idaho

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