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Re: First Aid Kits

lawdoc wrote:
> I'd like to know what everyone includes in their equine/rider first aid
> kits.  I suspect I'm not as well prepared I should be and would like to
> remdey the situation before an accident occurs.
> Carol Giles

This is what goes into mine...
vet wrap (rotated out regularly so it doesn't congeal)
kotex pads (good pressure bandage)
2 packs of suture material
2 hemostats and a small pair of surgical scissors
about 10 ml of lidocaine
10 ml of Banamine
several syringes and needles
stethoscope, of course (not really part of the first-aid kit, it's just
snake bite kit
asthma medicine and inhaler
2 triangular bandages

This is what I carry with me in my fanny pack when I'm out in the
boonies (it actually takes up very little room), and although I've never
needed to use more than a bandage on occasion, I assume I could keep
body and soul together long enough to get back to the trailer to get
real help.  I also carry other "survival" type stuff like a thermal
pullover, wooley cap, solar blanket, candles, powerbar, waterproof
matches, a whistle, etc., etc.  I can list all that stuff too if you
want it.  All of this is carried on me, not the horse.  The first aid
kit back in the trailer mostly just has more of the above bandages and
things, plus some acepromazine.  Some of the stuff I carry you can only
get from your vet, but it's all pretty safe stuff and my vet thought I
was justified in carrying it considering how far out we go sometimes.

All this may be overkill, but everything packs down into about a four
pound pack and barring really serious injury, I know it's enough to keep
me alive for several days until help arrives, so I figure better
overprepared than underprepared.

Hope this gives you some ideas, at least.

Susan G

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