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Heat on saddle pad

>I have been using the Skito pad for my sport saddle for over a year 
>have not had any problems with a "hot" back. 

Just a thought here about "hot" backs.  The other day I was trying AGAIN
to get a blood stain out of something my kids had worn (I didn't do it!),
and I put some Tide in the material, closed my fist around it, then got
it wet with cold water.  I couldn't believe the heat that started coming
from the detergent in my hand...some sort of chemical reaction.  Anyway,
I always use Ivory Snow on my saddle pads, but if we did use harsh
detergents on saddle pads, I just wonder if enough residue would remain
to cause some extra heat when they sweat.  Just a thought, maybe a long
shot, but folks with problems might want to consider it.

Angie & Kaboot 

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