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re: Scratches Remedy

Crockett has a special mix that works.  He and our vet/chemist put it together for a non-drug preventative mix and a drug "cure" mix.  He claims the rights so of course it is for sale via Outlaw Trail Endurance Arabians.  True to character he has patented it, "Dr. Dumas' Snakegrease".  If interested, email!
This product is tried and true for 11 years of Outlaw Trail and our normal average of 1,700 miles of competition for us each every year.  Developed for competition on multi-day rides for personal use and then decided to produce it when we witnessed all the riders being pulled due to scratches.  We want all Outlaw Trail Entries to finish each and every day for the week and this is one way we help them accomplish their goals.
Crockett & Sharon Dumas

    Check it Out!    

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