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Re: It only takes a few seconds...

In a message dated 98-07-08 17:15:06 EDT, you write:

> >That  " i landed on my right leg and outstretched right hand" stuff is bad
>  >news.  Need to think about rolling and going "with" the fall.  Don't try
>  >stop it with you hand.  Ain't gonna work :-(
>  I totally disagree with this rolling theory.  I rolled when I came off of
>  my horse at a gallop and bounced like a ball.  My bull rider friends say
>  you should never roll because of the bounce, but you should learn emergency
>  dismount instead. I can emergency dismount all day now but ya know,
>  sometimes there isn't enough time to even think of how to come off.  Most
>  times we don't even know we are gonna come off.  In that split second we
>  don't always have time to think about where our hands are and things just
>  end up instinctive.  (Cheryl Newbanks ) 

Yeh, sometimes when we go off we just sort of end up where we end up.  But I'm
still a believer of relaxing and going "with" the fall.  If you try to brace
"against" the fall the impact and resulting damage is going to be that much
worse.  Think about the physics of it.

I've never had a problem with bouncing.

My experience has been that in the split seconds before you go off a horse
(once you know that you are past the point of no return) your adrenaline is
really pumping and you remember it as though it were in slow motion.  That can
be helpful in making a decision to relax (as in my case) of dismount (as in
your case).  But personally, I don't think I could execute an emergency
dismount as I am being catapulted through the air.


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