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Perplexing cough

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From: Rhonda L. 

An endurance friend of mine convinced me to try Ridecamp to solve my horses cough -- so here goes! 

I`m wondering if anyone can help me with an unusual recurring cough in 2 of the 5 horses that I own, and use for endurance here in Manitoba.

I started treating this cough in the spring, as it appeared that the last of the round bales that I was feeding were the bottom of the pile, and dusty/moldy. Since then I have fed only good square bales (wetted down) if they have to stay in, but mostly they are outside on pasture day and nite.

These 2 horses are Suffield Mustangs from the Military roundup near Brooks Alberta in 1992. They are father and daughter. Both still have good days (no coughing) and bad -- and they are out most of the time. I have treated them with Ventipulmin, antihistamine powder, and finally tried Dexamethasone powder, which seems to have worked while they were on it, so my vet says this points to allergies. This seems strange, as it affects more than one horse, maybe it`s hereditary???

The filly especially seems to get very thick glands under her jowl, and it comes and goes.

The last ride that I went on I unloaded my gelding from the front of the 4 horse trailer, and he sounded like he was roaring with mucus!! I was extremely upset -- trotted him a little, and he coughed and coughed, but he passed the vet check, and only gave one little cough on the ride, and came in 3rd! Maybe there was dust on the road, or his hay wasn`t wetted down, but it was scary!!

All my horses have become woodchewers lately too. Some of the posts are treated lumber -- is there any way to get them to stop? Is this causing the cough maybe?

If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it!!!



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