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Mountain Region Rides

What a year we have going so far!  The quality of all the rides has been
superior.  The markings, scenery, management, help, prizes, etc . can
compete with the best rides in the country.  I just want to say THANK YOU
to all the ride managers who are providing us with places to do our sport. 
Without them, we wouldn't be having such a good time.  For those of you who
can't ride, call the ride manager and offer to help prior to the ride
(getting donations, marking trail, checking trail markings, hauling water,
etc), during the ride (timing, vet secretary, P&R checker, assistant go
for, meal preparation or set up, etc) or donate a prize (you can choose how
its given whether for raffle, drawing, placing, etc).  A quality ride is a
tremendous undertaking and it takes manpower, support and cooperation by

Brad Patterson hosted the IAHA Region 8 Ch Endurance Ride at Beaver
Meadows.  It was a beautiful day and a very successful achievement by both
the management and riders.   THANKS

Jan Stevens hosted the IAHA Reg 6 Ch Endurance Ride at Fort Howes.  I have
heard it was also a wonderful ride.  Please do it again so I can come next
year--sorry I missed it.  There were 4 Regional Rides in a row and I ran
out of energy!  Next year I plan to make them all!

I encourage everyone to attend the upcoming Rocky Mountain 5 Day in August.
 It was one of the most spectacular rides I had the privilege of attending
last year.  

Again, THANK YOU to all the ride managers.  We can never have too many

Linda Fisher

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