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Re: Barn Sour Horse


>>I can get the horse to go, but God, what an ordeal.  WE circle and circle
and back up and back up, till I am about worn out when we are finally off??>>

Sounds like you need a carrot AND stick approach.  I don't understand this
back up and back up? Is the horse backing up as a resistance?  If so it is
dangerous and you need to be as firm as neccessary to put an immediate 
halt to it - either with as good a whap as it takes from a crop or rein
or by getting in an arena area -safe fence no obstacles and forcing the
back until horse is so sick of backing they never try it again - could
take 30 minutes or more.  If you are asking for the back - why?  I know
it is a good submission exercise for the horse but if you have to do 
an excessive amount than I think you would be farther ahead to just 
correct him with a crop and get down the trail. 

Carrot part is try to make it nicer to be away from home.  Take carrots
or favorite horse treats and once you are well away from the barn get 
off and give sour a picnic.  A nice patch of grass could be the treat.
If possible get a friend to meet you on horse away from the barn once in a 
while so sour gets some surprise company.

Good luck,

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