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Vet charges

Here's a question that will probably stir up some controversy, but some
friends and I are curious as to what is customary and standard practice in
various regions.

When a horse needs to be treated during an endurance ride, should the vet
(who we will assume is already being paid by ride management and does not
need to stay longer than already arranged) charge the horse's owner for
materials only (drugs, bandages, etc..) or also for time and services
rendered (e.g., the cost to do a rectal palpation on a collicky horse)?

Around here, it seems the ride vets have been charging only for supplies,
but at a recent ride, the attending vet also charged my friend for the time
it took to treat her horse.   I'm sure the vet has the legal right to do so,
but we wonder if this is standard practice.

Karen Steenhof
Boise, Idaho

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