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Carbos, thanks Tom Ivers

>not experienced any of the negative side-effects that were mentioned about
>excessive Carbs......e.g..high pulse rates, tie-ups, etc.  I DO agree with
>Heidi that horses need to get most of their Carbs from hay.  My 

Same here...I have in fact, noticed a lot of the opposite occuring.  The
horses aren't stiff (on a multiday), they have voracious appetites, recover
faster than ever, want to drink more, stop to urinate regularly....things
are really humming along smoothly.  Granted, some of this could be from
increased experience....but overall both horses seem to be recovering
faster during and after each ride than before.  I have completed close to
1,000 miles this ride season with no pulls and no problems....something
must be working, eh?  ;^)

I just ignore the people that have flamed me about this subject, and
continue to do what I feel works for my horses.  

>usefulness of the Carbo-loading though.  We are currently leading the Nation
>in 100 mile points and leading the Southeast Region overall (at least as of
>June, we don't get our AERC News in Florida for a long time :-)  Thank you
>Ivers, for sharing this innovation with this list.

Congratulations Cindy & Wameco!  You deserve the recognition, even if
Endurance News doesn't seem to be able to print the results of the 100 Mile
Horses...or if they did in the current issue, somebody please tell me

btw, has anybody seen the results for the American River 50?  2:07 winning
time?  70 miler - 3:09 winning time.  Those are some fast horses!! <vbg>  

It's nice to see so many ridecamper's names in the results and point

Thanks again, Tom Ivers.  ;-)

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
& Weaver, 1655 miles....cruisin' right along in the West Region!
& Rocky, 575 miles, next ride--Tahoe Rim, July 11th :-))

Ride apps on-line for the Gardnerville Gallop 30/50/50 2/Day-100 and 30
Mile Ride & Tie:


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