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The term "to break wrist" in this context means to bend the wrist.  The intent
of the rule is to have the crop used as an extension of the arm rather than a
flick of the wrist (which by some standards is considered cruel).

Please keep in mind that the rule is simply meant to define what some people
feel is cruel.  There is no perfect way to write down what is proper and what
is not, in such a way that everyone in every language will understand exactly
what you mean.

The real meaning of this rule is "do not whip your horse in any way that could
be considered cruel by anyone."

Translation from language to language is always interesting.  Have you read
the directions for a Korean VCR lately?  :)

I hope this clarifies it some.


C. Mike Tomlinson DVM

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     8) Rider cannot break wrist when using a crop.
     Can anybody explain this to me?
     Linda-Cathrine and Magic Jake

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