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Anyone interested??

Hi ya'll!  I hope it's okay for this meek advertising attempt.  PLEASE
tell me if this is a no-no.

 I'm a recent subscriber/on-line/horse-nut/equine sports massage
therapist. . 
and, as of today, I am taking off from central Penna. to the area of Lake
Harmony, PA/Split Rock Resort.  Is anyone interested in my horse massage
services?  I am good - at it for 4 years and many race horses, polo
ponies, show horses, et al.  All horses need it.  What do I charge?? A
flat $50.00 for as long as it takes - usually 1 - 1 1/2 hours.  Try it,
you'll/they'll like it!

If interested, try e-mailing me (at e-mail address below) in the next 1-2
hours.  If I don't respond quickly, please leave a message for me at the
Split Rock Resort where I am staying tonight (May 31st), Monday, and
Tuesday - Please leave the message for John Kite (my boyfriend) at
717-722-9111.  He will forward your message to me.  Thank you very much. 
Hope to meet/make new friends.

Karen Zelinsky, ESMT

Note: My usual work-territory is: Pennsylvania (central and western,
eastern Ohio, and ???

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