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Re: Looking at a spookie thing

>using the opposite rein to twitch the horse's head AWAY from whatever 

>You can use a little leg (on the same side as the spookie thing)
>behind the girth to keep the horse moving forward

Wouldn't it be better to "use a little leg" on the opposite side of the "spookie thing" to encourage the horse not to move away from the spookie thing?

If I did as mentioned above, my horse would make a circle "away" from that spookie thing!  I don't want him to move away from it.  As you suggested, I want him to just pass by it.  "Trust me, "I" see it, and "I" won't let it hurt you!"

I use the phrase, "if you don't like it, don't look at it."  If the spookie thing is on the right side of us, I have him cock his head to the left and apply pressure with my left leg to keep him moving forward and to keep him from moving away from what he thinks is going to eat him.  Actually, in most cases we end up moving closer to the scary thing as we actually pass by it.  When we're past it, all pressure is released and we continue on our way, as if nothing at all happened.

Atascadero, CA

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