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Scott's Flat 11th & over et al

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From: Jayne Brooks-Trainor 

Please be sure there was no slight intended! The delay in sending more
complete results of the ride, which I apologize for, is purely a time and 
equipment problem. As I can't afford the email time required to be a 
subscriber to ridecamp directly, the only avenue for corresponding that I have
is this format. As far as I know it doesn't have the ability to attach a file or
copy from another source. If anyone knows differently, I would appreciate 
some suggestions. To send this message, I am trying hard carriage returns.
I am only a volunteer for the ride, posting to ridecamp as a favor to the ride 
manager. She provided me with the 50 mile finishing list only(in a hard copy
format) which I haven't had time so far to enter into MS word or excel(no scanner). I will make every attempt to get this done today. The rest of the ride results will be delivered to all via the traditional methods. Please don't 
take offense when I caution everyone to be patient and understanding with 
ride managers and their volunteers, lest we have increasingly fewer rides 
to enjoy...

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