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Sports Saddle

I just wanted to say that I bought a Treeless Sports Saddle last summer for
my 20 year old Arab gelding.  Until a few years ago, I had used an
Australian saddle on him, but as he grew older, his back dipped and the
Aussie saddle no longer fit him.  I am happy so far with the Treeless
Saddle.  I feel very close to the horse and secure.  I did have trouble
with the girth rubbing, but bought a neoprene type girth on the
recommendation of my neighbor and that solved the problem.  So far it seems
to be working well for my horse.  He has high withers and short back and
very narrow back.  He is small about 14-2.  My neighbor  also bought the
same saddle and likes it very much.  Uses it on her Arab.  I am interested
in what the Softrider saddle is like too.

I tried several different loaner saddles before buying the Sports Saddle.
I also got that as a loaner before buying it (I bought it from Genie
Stewart-Spears (Horse Works) in Kentucky).  I thought of buying a custom
made saddle, but I hated spending the money and then his back may change
some more and it wouldn't fit him.  Also, I wanted to possibly be able to
use it on my other horses.

I would certainly recommend try riding in the saddle before buying it.  It
may not work for everyone but its worth a try.  

Debbie Brickel

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