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Muscle Atrophy????

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From: Jeff D Bergstrom 

My horse was recently examined during her biannual vaccinations.  The vet who examined her, mentioned he noticed some "atrophy" in the hind section.  I had noticed some slight stiffness a few weeks back, that I characterized as what appeared to be some stiffness or arthritis.  

I have pretty a thick Vet handbook at home and only found a generic definition for the word "atrophy", as "a decrease in size or wasting away or a body part or tissue."

Upon further research, I am wondering if the vet meant either "stringhalt" or "springhalt" or "myopathy".  However, upon reading the causes for either of these I cannot begin to fathom what would cause her to develop these ailments.

Anyway, my horse is a 12 year old quarterhorse, who is used for moderate trail use and gets daily turnouts.

Is anyone reading this message familar with a similar situation or the ailments listed above?  Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.  I want to be sure about what the cause is BEFORE developing a case of paranoia.



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